Nansei Environmental Laboratory Co., Ltd.
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Company Name
Nansei Environmental Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Hiromi Tanaka
4-4 Agarizaki, Nishihara-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, JAPAN 903-0105
Contact Details
TEL ) +81-98-835-8411
Facsimile ) +81-98-835-8412
Established in
September 1st, 1997
75 Million Yen.

Nansei Environmental Laboratory Co., Ltd.
4-4 Agarizaki, Nishihara-Town, Okinawa Prefecture, JAPAN 903-0105




Natural Resources Survey

Upon development projects, natural resources surveys are required to conserve endemic species in terrestrial, aquatic, wetland and coastal environment.
We conduct flora and fauna surveys and plan a eco-friendly conservation measures.
We have experienced eradication projects of Invasive Alien Species(IAS) such as mongoose, feral cats, frogs and plants over 10 years.


Environmental Measurement

We provide various field measurement services.
Our field services include air emission, odor, water, noise and vibration, working environment measurement, asbestos, and voc. Qualified scientists conduct field measurement in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Environmental Testing

NE.LAB is an accredited testing laboratory of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in chemical testing.
We are widely capable of conducting analytical testing including drinking and environmental water, industrial waste, pesticide, sediment, soil, fertilizer, and hazardous materials such as heavy metals, PCB, and dioxins.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment consists of various studies at planning, preparation, construction and monitoring stages.
Our qualified staff pursue an assessment plan, field surveys, simulations and mitigation measures.
Permitting process differs on a development scale and national or local governing standards, and we will make it comprehensive to lead a better development plan.


Research & Development

We are actively engaged to enhance technological and scientific research and development toward a sustainable society in local and global environment.
Our recent research projects include a basic study by genetic analysis for invasive eradication, and technical development of contaminated soil clean-up by a microbe and plant.
We have developed several sniffer dogs searching field signs of invasive species.


Soil Contamination Investigation

NE.LAB is a designated soil contamination investigation entity by Ministry of the Environment, Japan.
With a measurement certification business operator license, our clients will benefit from our one-stop service from historical record review, planning, field sampling, and in-house testing, to contaminated soil treatment recommendation.

Qualified Personnel



Professional Engineer, Japan

Engineering Management / 2person
Construction / 3person
Environmental / 3person
Agriculture / 1person

Certified Environmental Measurer

Certified Environmental Measurer / 9person
Noise and Vibration / 4person

Soil Contamination Investigation Technical Manager


First-Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer


Registered Surveyor

Registered Surveyor / 1person
Associate Surveyor / 4person

Radiation Protection Supervisor

First-Class / 1person
Second-Class / 1person

First-Class WorkingEnvironment Measurer


Chief Manager of Pollution Control


Pollution Control Manager

Chief Manager of Pollution Control / 1person
First Class Water / 9person
Dioxins / 2person
Noise and Vibration / 1person
atmosphere / 1person
specified dust / 1person

Biotope Planner

Senior Biotope Planner / 1person
Junior Biotope Planner / 2person

Junior Biotope Builder


Asbestos Examiner


Building Inspector for Asbestos Containing Material


Asbestos Building Inspector/ Management Planner


Asbestos Project Designer


Asbestos Contractor / Supervisor




Lead Inspector


First-Class building operation and management engineer


second-class Architect


Asbestos Containing Materials Investigator for Ships


Olfactory Measurement Operator


Licensed Business

  • Construction Consulting Service #31-8093
  • Certified Environmental Measuring Service, Concentration #42
  • Certified Environmental Measuring Service, #43 Vibration Acceleration Level #43
  • Certified Environmental Measuring Service, Sound Pressure Level #44
  • Registered Testing Laboratory for Drinking Water #90
  • Working Environment Measurement Organization #47-6
  • Building Drinking Water Testing Service Registration OKINAWA NANHO 4-1
  • Ministry of the Environment Designated Soil Contamination Investigation Organization #2003-7-2032
  • Hot Spring Agent Analytical Organization #2
  • AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC Accredited Laboratory (Industrial Hygiene) for Asbestos PCM, ID#182879

Membership Organization

  • Okinawa Metrology Association
  • The Institution of Okinawa Professional Engineers
  • Japan Society for Impact Assessment
  • Okinawa Survey and Civil Engineering Consultants Association
  • Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association
  • National Water Supply Sanitation Inspection Association
  • Japan Association for Working Environment Measurement
  • The Ecological Society of Japan
  • The Biological Society of Okinawa
  • Okinawa Landscape Construction Association

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Testing Laboratory Accreditation

  • Accreditation Number:#RTL03690
  • Scope of Accreditation:Chemical Testing, Food and Drug Testing.
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